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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nutty As A Fruitcake

Connie Morris, a Kansas State Board of Education member involved in writing the new science standards for the Kansas Public Schools, is circulating a newsletter that calls evolution an "age-old fairy tale" defended with "anti-God contempt and arrogance." She goes on to call evolution "a theory in crisis" and headlines one section of her newsletter "The Evolutionists are in Panic Mode!"

The Peach can't even begin to address the logical fallacies that riddle Ms. Morris's non-argument, but we cannot let this go by unchallenged. Our nation's rationality, the future of our scientific credibility and our children's education are at stake here.

We are posting Ms. Morris' bio page along with her e-mail address and home phone ( 785-332-2424) so all loyal Peach followers can remind Ms. Morris that the burden of proof is on her to demonstrate -- scientifically -- that the biblical account of the creation is true. It does not rest with scientists or the rest of us to show, yet again, that the amply documented and widely accepted theory of evolution is correct.


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