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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Unbearable Incoherence of Bush

Are we the only ones who noticed a huge disconnect in the president's logic on Wednesday night? People are complaining about what he said (9/11, Iraq is a major terrorist threat, we're winning; stay the course, blah blah) and what he didn't (the insurgency is far from in its last throes, we lied to you, etc.). But no one in the SCLM is connecting some critically important dots. Here they are:
  1. The president insists, on the one hand, that Iraq poses a major, ongoing terrorist threat to the United States. (People immediately seize on the question of whether this is true, or whether it was true before the U.S. invaded Iraq. Bear with us, because we're not going there. Just focus on the fact that the president believes this, or says he does.)
  2. By constantly invoking 9/11 in discussions of the necessity of war in Iraq, the president clearly suggests that if we were not over there, fighting the terrorists on Iraqi soil, they would be coming over here to get us. Bush even said this explicitly on Wednesday night: "There is only once course of action against them: to defeat them abroad before they attack us at home."
  3. And these terrorists are vicious, oh yes they are. Bush described them Wednesday night as "ruthless killers," "followers of [a] murderous ideology," "men with blind hatred, armed with lethal weapons, who are capable of any atrocity."
  4. Scared yet? Okay, now, despite 1 - 3 above, our exit strategy in Iraq consists of encouraging the Iraqis "to take the lead in the fighting," and "train them to do the fighting . . . so that our troops can come home."
Let The Peach get this straight. Bush's plan, as he has outlined it, is to work as quickly as possible to hand over the responsibility for protecting America -- from ruthless, lethally-armed, atrocity-bent murderers -- to the barely trained Iraqi army. The incoherence, or the insanity, of this position is beyond belief. Why isn't anyone reporting this major lapse in the logic of our policy in Iraq?


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