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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The War On Two Fronts

What is becoming more and more obvious to The Peach, and something that Bush continues to act oblivious to, is that American troops are facing an escalating war on two fronts: Afghanistan and Iraq.

Anti-American attacks are increasing in both countries, threatening any form of stability to the existing governments or to civilians. Suicide bombings in Afghanistan are now as frequent as those in Iraq. These attacks emphasize how little impact Hamid Karzai's government has made upon the Islamic community as a whole. They simply see him as a stooge of the Bush administration and, subsequently, has made the Afghan people an open target for anti-American actions.

Meanwhile, the number of casualties from insurgent attacks in Iraq went up by nearly 200 during the month of May. At least 670 Iraqis were killed, compared to 485 in April. Of those May deaths, 434 were civilians. Some 775 civilians were also wounded.

With all of this going on, "Little Boots" Bush insists that the Iraqi government can defeat the insurgency. He keeps claiming that the elections there dealt a serious blow to the insurgency, while the number of deaths seem to say otherwise.

Compounding all of this is finally a concern as to how the American military will withstand the intensifying battle in two chaotic and unstable countries. The number of recruits is decreasing as quickly as the number of American casualities and anti-war sentiment is increasing.

What the SCLM must do is press Bush and his cronies for real answers. Bushies continue to cloak their decisions with their vague and elusive descriptions of democracy and freedom. Whatever their plan for Iraq and Afghanistan is, it is not working. The plan is not only becoming more and more suspect, it is more appartent than ever that it is just plain dumb. The American people deserve a better answer than what they've been getting.


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