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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Why Can't We All Be Like Ronald Dumsfeld?

Forwarding their "ignorance is bliss" agenda, Offense Secretary Ronald Dumsfeld is now attacking Arab news channel Al Jazeera claiming that their coverage of the beheadings of foreign hostages incites militants. Without citing any specific instances or reports, Rummy argued that "anyone living in the Middle East watching Al Jazeera . . . would start waking up and asking what's wrong." He went on to say that "networks that carry it (the beheadings) and promote it and jump on the spark every time there is a terrorist act are promoting the acts."

Al Jazeera responded that they "never at any time transmitted pictures of killings or beheadings and any talk about this is absolutely unfounded." They voiced "deep regret and surprise" over Rummy's comments.

The Peach looks at Al Jazeera on a daily basis and has yet to find anything that supports DonRum's claims. What The Peach suspects is really going on is yet another attempt by "Little Boots" Bush's people to promote censorship of the news. Even in America, without seeing scenes of beheadings, people are waking up and asking what's wrong.

Yet, Bushies continue to deflect criticism by placing the tragic outcomes of their misguided decisions on anything or anyone but themselves. By again shifting the focus to supposed biased coverage by the news media Bush hopes the American public will ignore the escalating chaos and disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan. He will instead blame people's negative perceptions of his war's shortcomings on the media's unfavorable reporting.


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