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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The League of Extraordinary Imbeciles

While evidence and news reports continue to pile up regarding Karl Rove's outing of Joseph Wilson's wife, the White House and the Republican Party have had to do some pretty fancy dancing to sidestep the inevitable questions regarding Rove's fate.

Through two days of questioning, White House spokesman Scott McClellan stammered, stuttered and stonewalled his way through a minefield of questions about to why he had previously proclaimed Rove's innocence while now refusing to answer any questions regarding the issue. The stated (and restated and restated) reason is that "it's an ongoing investigation," one which, by the way, was already ongoing when McClellan publicly exonerated Rove.

Meanwhile, RNC chairperson Ken Mehlman issued a statement claiming that at the time of the leak, Rove was attempting to discourage "a reporter from writing a false story." What The Peach finds so amazing, and what some in the press corp have jumped on, is how can Scott McClellan refuse to answer questions because of an ongoing investigation while Karl Rove, or someone else in the White House, is leaking material to the RNC?

As far as The Peach is concerned, whether Rove gave Plame's name or not isn't entirely relevant. First of all, Media Matters for America has shown that after hearing the phrase "Wilson's wife," a reporter needed only undertake a brief Google search to find out her name. What's really relevant, though, is the fact that here's yet another instance where this administration has lied to the American people. And clearly, they are now dedicated to covering their tracks and derailing a criminal indictment against Rove. Fortunately, it looks like they won't get away with it without at least some kind of fight from the WH press gaggle.

We are, for the moment, proud of the press corps, hammering away at Scotty for the second day running. It was beautiful to behold. They're mad as hell and they're (hopefully) not going to take it anymore. And if they won't, we can imagine a day, not far off, when we will hear some real answers from the Bush administration.


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