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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Baron's Brain: New Presidential Suit?

In response to accusations that he was getting soft, President Bush has made a bold fashion move with his "boxy" new presidential suit. The suit, basically a gray box with holes for the head, legs and arms, carries a large replica of the presidential seal and its own microphone. People close to the matter say that the new look is designed to better communicate Bush's style of immovable, monolithic leadership.

The new presidential suit is replacing the much ridiculed (albeit more daring according to radical fashionistas) "presidential skirt." The skirt, which right-wing conservatives referred to in tones of withering contempt, was initially thought to be more in line with Bush's idea of "compasionate conservatism." But after a series of sordid jokes containing the phrase "blowing Bush's skirt up" began making the late-night TV circuit and a surge in Log Cabin Republican membership, the elegant, yet controversial garb was dropped.


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