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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When In Doubt, Use Guilt

Now that Bush is staring at approval ratings in the 30 percent range, he has developed a new tactic to garner support for the "wreck in Iraq:" guilt. That's right, he is now hoping that protesters will no longer turn the people's focus to "what in the hell are we doing in Baghdad," but rather imply that anyone who is against the war opposes the completion of the, now get this, military's mission.

The Peach is not kidding you. Bush is no longer taking responsibility for the fiasco in Iraq-o and asking for Americans to support his decision because he's commander-in-chief. Instead he's applying a method that his mother, Barbara, used on him since he was a snotty little tot.

And finally, instead of attempting to win over all of the American people, which would include Cindy Sheehan, he is now just content to make soldiers' families who, well, support the war anyways happy. At least those are the families he HAS met with.

So when Bush talks about the American people, he's only talking about his constituency. And when he's talking about American sacrifice, he's actually talking about the soldiers who are unfortunately putting their lives on the line at his egomaniacal expense. And when he talks about the war on terror, he's actually creating whatever fictions will keep him afloat.

And every day his strange little world keeps getting smaller and smaller.


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