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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Family Values Blues

Just when you think those Bushies have finally got that old "family value" thing all in order, one of the kids goes out and gets hammered.

John Ellis Bush, the youngest son of Jeb Bush, was arrested early Friday and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest. Imagine that, not only was the little snot snockered, he fought the law--and the law won!

The Peach's feeling is a month in Tal Afar or Baghdad might do the shit a bit of good. Ah, but that's wishful thinking. Lucky for the Bushes they got that hurricane business to cover-up for them.


At 10:42 PM, Blogger opinionion said...

My philosophy is to lay off the next generation. They aren't the problem. Their public problems are probably an outgrowth of the pressures they feel (not financial). After all, how would YOU "act out" if YOUR uncle were "W" and your grandmother were...his grandmother.

At 1:10 AM, Blogger WesleyWes said...

Good for him


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