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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Let Them Eat Ice!!!

The Peach can't do anything but scratch its fuzzy scalp when it comes to Bush's response not only to the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but also the administration's complete neglect before the storm hit.

Even though alerts of the storm's potential began days before it hit, there was absolutely no action on both the state or federal level to evacuate all people living in the storm's path. According to this Reuter's report, a large number of people caught in the storm were people who could not afford to leave. They didn't own a car or didn't have any financial means to get their family out. Why no one did anything to get them out is beyond The Peach's comprehension.

Then, one day after the storm struck, rather then getting his yellow tail to the place of destruction, Bush stuck with his "I need to get stroked by my constituency" plan and vaguely refered to Katrina in a speech in San Diego on the 60th anniversary of VJ Day. Even the conservative Manchester Union-Leader criticized Bush for his inaction. Instead, Bush thought it more appropriate to make some ridiculous comparison between his war in Iraq and WWII.

Finally, when Bush got around to making his usual, primetime TV appearance (most news channels failed to point out that, well, the entire disaster area had absolutely no electricity) he looked like a complete imbecile, promising people a whopping 3.4 million pounds of ice.

ICE?! The latest forecast for New Orleans put today's temperature at 92 degrees. Well, at least all those people will have bags of clean, warm water to wash themselves off with.


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