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Thursday, October 27, 2005

And If You Believe That One . . .

there's a bridge in Brooklyn The Peach wants to sell you. How can the SCLM actually fall for the stinker of a story coming out of the White House explaining Harriet Miers' reasons for withdrawing her nomination? Because she wants to protect Executive privilege? PUHHHLLEEAASE!

There are a few things that show how transparent this excuse is. First, as Scott McClellan stated in his press briefing, Harriet told Bush of her intentions at 8:30 the night before, 12 hours before the White House announced her withdrawal. This gave the White House ample time to construct some form of spin to deflect the amount of embarassment Bush would encounter. Why did she withdraw? Because she realized that she couldn't do the job. And, unlike Bush, she would be scrutinized to such an extent that it would become blatantly apparent that she was totally unqualified for the job. If people want proof of Bush filling positions with mentally challenged slugs The Peach only has two words to say: Mike Brown.

Secondly, The Peach suggest readers go back and read previous press briefings given by Scott (I'm a spinner) McClellan. Or, at least read the briefing from the day before. In it he states that "she is providing additional information" and that she would be "sending some additional responses to questions" from the Senate. He then goes further by saying that "you're seeing the confirmation process play out" and that when it comes to senators reserving judgement, the White House "respects that." He then finishes by saying that "in terms of additional documentation . . . we want to make sure the Senate Judiciary Committee has the information they need to be able to move forward."

The Peach would like to propose something. Harriet Miers did not write this letter from her own conscience. No, she had quite a bit of help from the White House on this one. They needed a scapegoat for this one, and Bush wasn't going to be it. Heaven forbid he add yet another failure to his ever increasing list of failures.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger Jerome Jackson said...

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At 8:52 AM, Blogger opinionion said...

Song from yesteryear:

There's an old spinning wheel in the parlor,
Spinning dreams of the long, long ago,
Spinning dreams of an old-fashioned garden,
And a maid with her old-fashioned beau etc etc.

The administration wants the populace to sway to its spin.

At 1:37 AM, Blogger Rhoda IV said...

As always you called them out again, Mike Brown, Ha!


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