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Friday, February 04, 2005

Baron's Brain: The New "Mark Of The Beast"


During Bush's most recent romp through the red states he paused to help model the new and improved symbol of the Devil. That's right, the now infamous "W" will replace the worn, yet long feared, "666" as the true and uncontested "mark of the beast." When asked why he supported such a bold move Bush responded, "I already think I'm God, I might as well be Satan, too!"

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Cheap Bastard II (Steal From The Poor To Feed The Rich)

The AP has just announced that Bush's budget, which will be submitted on Monday, will increase spending on domestic programs BELOW the expected increase caused by inflation. Many of the cuts needed to maintain such a level of miserly governance will fall upon children's education programs. According to one Senator, such a budget will put large numbers of popular programs for schools and families "in the danger zone." Meanwhile, the increase in defense and security spending will exceed the rate of inflation, once again widening the gap in discretionary spending between domestic and defense. The costs for defense and security will once again account for more than half of the spending by this government.

So, while Bush perseverates on how he needs to reform Social Security for the future of our young, he takes away school programs that provide enrichment and security for children and parents today, all the while continuing to fund his foolish "war presidency."

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's The People, Stupid!

On the same day that Bush will again spew forth his wretched, bilious agenda in his State of the Union address, this interesting study has come out of the journal Health Affairs. It seems that while Bush has been parading around doctors who have lost their practices because of what he claims to be "frivilous lawsuits," it is discovered that half (that's right half) of all U.S. bankruptcies are claimed by middle-class workers who, because of injuries, have incurred insurmountable medical debts. These are workers with and without some form of health insurance. The number also includes about 700,000 children.

So, while Bush feels that health reform hinges on protecting the insurance industry, analysts who have studied the findings are arguing that complete health coverage is more beneficial and useful to the general public.

Unfortunately, Bush is more concerned about his wealthy constituencey. Be wary of what he says tonight. The Peach is certain that it will be riddled with lies and deception, which will keep us busy digging through the trash to expose the truth. What else is new?