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Friday, June 24, 2005

Smelling The Coffee II

Americans are beginning to wake up. A poll taken between June 20-22 has found that 53 percent of Americans now believe the "wreck in Iraq" was a mistake. 56 percent disapprove of the way the Bush administration has conducted the war. You can see the actual breakdown here.

The poll was released on the same day the AP announced that from April 28 through June 23, there was at least 160 car bombings that killed 580 people and wounded at least 1,734.

Meanwhile, the White House defended Karl Rove's comments that after the 9/11 attacks Democrats wanted to "prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers" while Republicans were "preparing for war." Well Karl, someone should serve you a big helping of the "wreck in Iraq" and how Americans are really feeling about it. Oh, by the way. Where is Osama? (There is now a petition being circulated asking for Rove's resignation. Click here to access it)

Just more proof of how disastrous and inept this administration is.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Complete Failure In Iraq

Refuting Dick "is that egg on my face" Cheney's claim that the Iraqi insurgency is in its "last throes," the top American commander in the Persian Gulf, General John Abizaid, told Congress that the Iraqi insurgency has not grown weaker in the last six months.

Abizaid told the panel that not only are there more foreign fighters coming into Iraq, but that the overall strength of the insurgency is about the same as it was half a year ago. He concluded by saying that "We are not trying to paint a rosy picture."

At the same hearing Sen. Edward Kennedy confronted Secretary of Defense Ronald Dumsfeld (pun intended) stating, "In baseball, it's three strikes, you're out. What is it for the secretary of defense? Isn't it time you resign?"

And now The Peach is elated to hear that it's not just Democrats that are attacking this administration's "wreck in Iraq." Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina stated that, "Public support in my state is turning. People are beginning to question. And I don't think it's a blip on the radar screen. We have a chronic problem on our hands."

With one screw up after another, the failures of this administration are becoming more pronounced daily. If the Downing Street memos begin getting more air play, "Little Boots" Bush can expect the same ignominious departure as Richard Nixon. Finally, The Peach can see the wheels coming off their little red wagon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Deaf and Dumb

More evidence that "Little Boots" Bush listens to only one of two voices (either that of Karl Rove or the tiny one inside that cavernous skull of his) can be found in this report.

Two American experts of Asia are claiming that in 2002 North Korean leader Kim Jong-il attempted to initiate direct discussions of nuclear weapons issues with this administration, but the White House "spurned" any discussions.

Former U.S. ambassador to South Korea Donald Gregg and journalist Don Oberdofer said while they were in Pyongyang in 2002 they were given a written personal message from Kim to Bush. In the letter Kim stated that the two sides "should be able to find a way to resolve the nuclear issue in compliance with the demands of a new century."

Gregg and Oberdofer took the message to White House and State Department officials and urged them to follow up. Unfortunately, with the administration gearing up for the war in Iraq, the engagement was immediately rejected.

What is with this administration? Flying in the face of their claims of making Americans safer, past and current actions and events only highlight the fact that they are ultimately making the world a more dangerous place. Dumbya doesn't realize that the more he acts like a cowboy, the more he is turning the world into the wild-west.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

No Experience Necessary?

For further proof how dimwitted this administration is, Peach readers need only look at FBI Director Robert Mueller's testimony in an employment lawsuit. In it he explains how no seemingly vital experience was necessary to join the anti-terror unit.

According to Mueller, a background in Arabic, Middle East or international issues is not a requirement for his counterterrorism supervisors. In fact, most of the men Mueller hired to run the war on terror felt that this experience was not important for promoting the agents they promoted.

When asked about his grasp of Middle Eastern culture and history, Gary Bald, the bureau's executive assistant director in charge of counterterrorism replied, "I wish I had it. It would be nice."

It would be nice? The Peach thinks it would be more than "nice." It should be damned mandatory. But that would not suit this administration's ultimate goal. This is another example of how the White House encourages the dumbing down of its employees in order to maintain power. The less they know, the less they can say about how wrong or miscalculating "Little Boots" Bush's policy decisions are.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bush's Faith-Based Science

Read it n' weep. Evolution is the least of it. We are talking about an administration that systematically distorts scientific facts to support its religious agenda, whether right-wing Christian or -- as is more often the case -- right-wing Corporate.