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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bush's Failed Mideast Policy

A very large nail was slammed into the coffin of Bush's so-called "roadmap to peace" and whatever other "peace" plans he had for the Mideast when the Islamic militant organization Hamas scored a huge and decisive victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections. The Peach recognizes this as yet another dangerous political situation perpetuated by the current administration's ineptness and arroganance when it comes to all things, past and present, that motivate Mideast policies and people.

When Bush realizes that, well, he and the rest of his cronies don't know what they're doing and should leave decision making to someone with half-a-brain is anyone's guess. But The Peach would like to leave readers with these thoughts when it comes to Dumbya's "wer on terr"

--The Taliban continues to fight in Afghanistan and we still don't have Osama Bin Ladan
--Iran has voted in an even more extreme government than before and they are planning to rev up their nuclear activities once again
--Egyptians have recently been pushing for a more extremist government
--Many of the other Arab countries are supporting militant, anti-Israel, anti-American governments
--The "wreck in Iraq" shows no improvement, and promises to become nothing more than the breeding ground for terrorists that Bush has always promised it wouldn't be

With that said, The Peach has one question for Americans--Do you really feel safer?


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