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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Calling A Spade A Spade

The Peach would like to send out a rousing "jolly good" to Lou Dobbs for his editiorial piece entitled "Bush, Congress tell working folk to go to hell." The article destroys the Bush administration and our current government leaders for the dangerous and precarious path it has put this country on. In it Dobbs makes this point:
Never before in our country's history have both the president and Congress been so out of touch with most Americans. Never before have so few of our elected officials and corporate leaders been less willing to commit to the national interest. And never before has our nation's largest constituent group -- some 200 million middle-class Americans -- been without representation in our nation's capital.
The Peach can't say it has always been a huge Lou Dobbs fan, but in this case we applaud and commend his frankness and his bravery.


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