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Monday, May 08, 2006

Channeling President Logan

Why does it seem that with every new action by Bush he more resembles wacky President Logan from the TV show 24? Not that Bush would ever have a former president wacked to give the appearance of a nation in danger in order to protect his presidency (though there are a lot of conspiracy theorists out there), but the notion of Air Force General Michael Hayden being nominated to head the CIA sounds too much like Homeland Security taking over CTU. This move will ultimately place the CIA under greater control of the White House so that the only information on the CIA will be conveniently filtered through Bush and his PR team.

Yet, it isn't just this one act that makes The Peach consider the similarities. It's Bush and Logan's attitudes towards how the administration must be cloaked in secrecy and how the American people are treated like a TV audience, susceptible and accepting of whatever spin they put on current situations. The Peach can only wonder (and Peach/24 fans will concur) if the creators of the show had our weasly leader in mind when they were assembling the spineless, corrupt, lieing, evil characteristics of their President Logan.


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