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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Let The Fear Mongering Begin

With a disaster happening in Iraq, with so much debt that China will eventually own us, with Afghanistan as the world's first narco-state, with Somalia becoming the new breeding ground for terrorists, and still with millions of Americans without any kind of health care, conservatives, the Republican party, and the Bush administration are yet again pulling out that great excuse for the cause of all the chaos in the world: gay marriage.

That's right, whenever the Bush administration and Republicans can smell failure on their own breath, they feel the need to pander to the lunatic fringe for support and votes. One such group called MassResistance (formerly the Article 8 Alliance) pressured Macy's in Boston to take down their display marking Boston's gay pride week. This is a group whose home base isn't anywhere near Boston and whose entire existence reeks of homophobia (and you know what The Peach's stance is on that: you are what you fear the most).

It's no coincidence that Bush brought the subject up again just before a series of mid-term elections were held. There isn't anything else for him or the Republican party to hold up as an achievement. The Peach feels the SCLM should attack those who bring this up as an "urgent" issue, asking for evidence that proves how this will "undermine the family structure."

And ultimately, The Peach would like this issue attacked for what it is: a fig leaf for Bush's inadequacies.


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