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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baron's Brain: Rove's October Surprise

After spending the last week of September eagerly anticipating Karl Rove's planned "October Surprise," which would no doubt bring Republicans to glorious victory this mid-term election, the Brain has finally seen Rove's master plan.

In pure genius fashion, Rove now plans on convincing the voting public that all Republicans are Democrats and that all Democrats are Republicans. That's right, rather than fighting against the backlash of Foley, Iraq, Afghanistan, N. Korea, Abramoff, etc., Rove plans on going with the anti-Republican sentiment and, along with Republican friendly Fox News, convince voters that they shouldn't vote for Republicans.

Hopes are that voters, in their desire to vote for anyone who is not Republican, will really be voting for a Republican. The first images of Rove's mission could be seen above. In the Rhode Island Senate race, Fox purposely declared the incumbent Chafee (a Republican) to be a Democrat while presenting his opponent Whitehouse (a Democrat) to be a Republican. Once voters see that the supposed "Democrat" is losing, they will get to their polling stations like their pants were on fire to get that Democrat into office, knocking out the supposed "Republican" opponent.

Ultimately, Rove is hoping to capitalize on the same strategy that he used to get Bush reelected: rather than cater to voters' intelligence, play on their stupidity.


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