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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blaming Mr. Booze

Now that the Republican party is (no surprise here) beginning to more and more resemble the Catholic church with their endless list of laughable claims excusing the behavior of Mark "La Cage Aux" Foley, The Peach hopes that as the next election nears more Americans will see actions surrounding Foleygate as typical of the corrupt characteristics surrounding the Bush administration and their Republican followers.

As the Foley scandal unfolded it became increasingly interesting at how his indiscretions were bizarrely attached to some sort of supposed flaw. First, Foley checks himself into an alcohol rehab center, even though many of his sordid emails were sent while he was on the job and completely sober, and some of his closest friends dispute the "drink led me down the evil path" rationale. Then he claims that he was molested by a clergyman between the ages of 13 and 15, even though his attorney refuses to disclose who the salacious padre was or at what "church of sin" these acts took place.

Now, the latest revelation, is that Foley is gay. We're not sure how this is meant to rationalize his actions, but The Peach is sure many Republicans are now nodding their heads saying "Oh, well that explains everything." Unfortunately, this has become an all too familiar pattern of Republicans. The Peach has proclaimed a number of times that the Republican party's anti-gay stance comes from a deep-rooted fear that many of them are closeted homosexuals or have latent homosexual tendencies, and their anti-gay facade is simply used to get votes.

But none of this should be used to brush aside what has become symptomatic of Bush and his Republicans. Pages were told to steer clear of Foley since 1995, even though Republican house members are now behaving as if this is some sort of freakish thing that has just happened and they were totally unaware of. And even though Bush claims to be "disgusted" by the events, dismayed by the "violation of the people's trust," and certain that "all the facts will come out," the responses are all typical of an administration and a political party that is nothing but notorious for hiding facts and routinely "violating" the people's trust.


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