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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rick Santorum--Village Idiot

If The Peach had to pick one idiot (outside of Bush) that is thankfully bringing down the Republican party, that idiot would be none other than Rick (In)San(e)torum.

It seems Rick has jumped all over a "newly declassified" document that he insists proves there were WMD's in Iraq at the time of the recent American invasion. He even goes as far as saying that there are many WMD's still in Iraq and can be easily bought and/or sold on the black market (in case anyone was interested).

Unfortunately for Rick, he has yet again failed to read beyond the title page. An official from the White House's Iraq Survey Group acknowledged the findings that San(i)tor(i)um cited, but dismissed them because they were "pre 1991 weapons" that "could not have been fired because they were degraded." The official also added that these were not the WMD's the world believed Iraq had, nor were they what this country went to war for.

Bless poor Rick's feeble little brain. The Peach just loves it when yet another Republican scuttles their own reelection.