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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sweating Bullets

If any image shows Condi Rice is over her head and out of her league, it is this one captured as she feebly attempted to explain the party line opposing a cease fire in the Middle East. Her inability to coordinate any form of agreement, along with a growing list of ignorant Mid-East policies constructed by the Bush administration, left her isolated from most, if not all, American allies.

Condi has just become this administration's poster child for desperation and futility.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Britain On Trial Over Wreck In Iraq

In a stunning ruling The Peach hopes will find its way into the American courts, judges in Britain have allowed the families of four soldiers killed in Iraq the right to challenge the government's refusal to hold a public inquiry into why Britain joined the war.

Even though the judges have stated that it is unlikely the families will succeed in forcing a public inquiry, the families are assured of the potential opportunity of forcing the leaders of Britain to "explain how they justify the invasion."

Meanwhile, back here in the U.S., Prime Minister Al- Maliki of Iraq will address what The Peach hopes will only be a smattering of listeners in Congress (a number of congressional members have stated they will boycott the speech). The hope is to shore up the U.S. military commitment in Iraq. The speech also comes at a time when Bush has come up with yet another "new plan" to quell the violence in Iraq (how many new plans is it now?). The Peach sees this as another feeble attempt to mask the incompetency of Bush and his administration. Rather than coming up with a real solution to the problem, he and his cronies supply the American people with fairytales at the cost of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

If, by some miracle, courts in Britain and the U.S. hold their country's respective leaders' feet to the fire (torture symbolism intended), The Peach hopes that ultimately those leaders are forced to pay for the lies they have promoted and the suffering they have created.