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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah

If it quacks like a political speech, and walks like a political speech, it must be a political speech. In a sure sign that the "Rovian" campaign wagon has begun to role, Bush gave what he claimed to be a "not political speech" at the American Legion convention, defending his war in Iraq strategy and, oddly enough, sounding quite political.

Giving real meaning to the phrase ad nauseum Bush continued to harp on the idea that any other strategy but his would signal a "retreat before the job is done" and would put our country "even more in jeopardy."

Well, The Peach has this to say to Bush: HELLLLOOOOO! Is anybody in there? Your strategy ISN'T WORKING! YOU put us in this position! AND you're NOT making it ANY BETTER! Iraq wasn't a threat before and NOW IT IS! And your speeches are nothing but CRAP!

And, you know what Bush? We ARE going to politicize this issue. We are going to tell the American people how you continue to mislead, how you continue to use fear as a political tool, and how insanely incompetent you really are. How do you like them peaches, bucko?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Baron's Brain: Bush Still Looking For New Orleans

Bush's Fights to Restore His 9/11 Image

In yet another Bush blunder, Air Force One was forced to circle for hours over New Orleans when Bush, after looking out his window, insisted "that ain't New Orleans." When his staff finally asked him what exactly New Orleans looked like he replied, "It looks like a giant swamp, people use boats for cars, and most houses are surrounded by water and only a half-story high."