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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kiss of Death

Now that Bush has given Nuri al-Maliki his vote of confidence we can add him to the long list of people Bush has supported who ultimately became embarassments to the White House and this nation. Bush stated that Maliki is "the right guy for Iraq," a phrase The Peach feels will begin to resonate like Bush's "heckuva job Brownie" following the Katrina disaster, or his feeling that Rumsfeld was "exactly what is needed" to run the Global War on Terror.

Let's face it, things have gotten so bad in Iraq that The Peach feels for the remainder of his term Bush is better served keeping his mouth shut, the doors closed and the cameras off.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Party On, Nudettes!


Word out of Argentina now has it that the Bush twins, purportedly on a UNICEF mission to South America, were in fact there celebrating their 25th birthday. It appears that the "sisters of mercy" have made themselves tabloid headlines, from Barbara having her purse stolen (while under secret service watch), to running in their birthday suits down the hotel hallways.

Barbara (also known as not-Jenna) has subsequently been asked to return to America, most likely for that ever important booster shot of Bush "family values."

Show Me The Money

There he goes again. Looks like Bush is gearing up for another of his delusional rants to explain the escalating violence in Iraq, claiming again that sectarian attacks there are being orchestrated by al-Qaida (The Peach often wonders if Bush, while sleeping, calls out Osama's name).

Bush qualified his remarks by stating that this belief was simply his "opinion," and does not seem to carry the support of military leaders on the ground. The Peach would also like to point out that Bush made these comments while in Estonia, and even though a huge majority of Americans don't believe a word Bush says, there is that remote possiblity of gaining support from paranoid Estonians.