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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Valley Girl Smackdown

Dana Perino
With smarmy, smug, "I think I'm smarter than you" Tony Snow off somewhere getting radiation treatment, the WH has replaced him with another in a long line of pea-brained spokespeople. This time it's Dana Perino, the blonde bimbette who spews out answers like she's interviewing for the position of high school cheerleading captain.

Yes, she can act all cute and sexy when given soft questions by the press, subsequently dishing out the carefully choreographed spin that she has painstakingly rehearsed (notice how many times she goes to rah-rah mate Suzanne Malveaux, while routinely avoiding Helen Thomas who has on occasion caused Dana's brown roots to show). And not unlike Tony, it seems Dana has been drinking from the same water cooler as Bill O'Reilly, using 9/11 as a rationale for everything from the Iraq invasion to drunk illegal immigrants in Virginia.

Can she handle the pressure? Doubtful. The Peach figures as the honeymoon with the press ends and the marriage grows colder Dana-cakes will start answering more and more of the tougher questions with, "Like, we're in a war!" or "Hello, Saddam was, like, soooo evil" or "Have you people forgotten September 11th, duhhhh?" or "O'migosh the terrorists are, like, really bad." With this administration, it's just a matter of time before stupidity rises.


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