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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bush Does His Best Britney

Bush: A fight we can win

Isn't it ironic how two seemingly skyrocketing careers can simultaneously come crashing down to earth with a deafening thud. Just days after Britney Spears proved to the world that she now couldn't even make it past the first round of The Gong Show, President Bush attempted to do his best version of "Gimme More" by asking weary Americans to allow him to do Iraq his way.

Similar to Britney's VMA debacle in which she did nothing short of embarrass herself, Bush continues to look like a horse's ass when it comes to the war in Iraq. He "mimicked" Gen. Petraeus' opinions that troop reductions could be possible if improvements in Iraq were sustainable, while failing to mention that even if the proposed 30,000 troop reduction occurred in July 08 the level would still be at pre-surge numbers.

Ultimately, Bush just didn't look like his usual arrogant, pompous self. In fact, (quoting one Britney review) during his speech to the nation he seemed to "wobble around dazed, confused and poorly rehearsed." My, how the mighty have fallen.


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