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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bush Examines Approval Ratings

Marston Linehan, chief of urological oncology at the National Institutes of Health, shows President Bush kidney cancer cells through a microscope.
"Wow, through this here telescope they look downright huge!"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What A Mess!

OK, so The Peach has been relatively silent as of late, protecting its fuzzy skin from all sorts of winter frosts and right-wing shenanigans. But fear not, loyal readers, The Peach still keeps an eye towards the perplexing politics of this administration.

Take this recent request by Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Mr. Gates is considering sending more troops to Afghanistan in response to stepped up Taliban attacks. The attacks from Pakistan into Afghanistan have increased "several fold" and will only intensify as the spring and summer roll along.

Well, The Peach can only point out that if we didn't stir up that hornets' nest in Iraq and concentrated on Afghanistan from the get-go we wouldn't have a military stretched so thin that they barely have the ability to even defend themselves.

The Peach would also like to remind readers of what the Gulf of Tonkin resolution did to the Vietnam War. As a reminder, the G of T allowed President Johnson to increase the number of American military forces in Vietnam at his discretion. Now our current President wants to essentially do something similar: increase the American military presence with the idea that greater numbers will defeat the enemy.

As before, this looks like another strategy destined for disaster.