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Monday, April 14, 2008

Covering All The Bases

Bush Devil SignClick to view full size image  ==============  Bush Praying Keywords: Bush Praying mundo george w angel halo wings picture

Recent actions has The Peach convinced that when judgment day comes around Bush is not taking any chances and betting on both good AND evil to come out ahead.

As an appeasement to God, Bush is gassing up the Prez mobile and personally greeting Pope Benedict XVI's plane. The meet and greet festivities will continue with the Bushes hosting a fancy East Room dinner where, The Peach is certain, many "breaking bread" jokes will abound.

Meanwhile, as Bush guarantees his place in the pearly-gate line with his Pope stamped, get-into-heaven-free card, Bush will simultaneously claim a literal "hot seat" by courting the Devil and attending the Beijing Olympics. The Peach is certain Bush will honor the "Dark Lord" with a bowl of Chinese "hot pot" as well as egg roll with "hot" Chinese mustard.

So, when it comes to Bush's self-proclaimed Christian beliefs, Bush is betting on BOTH red and black to win.


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