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Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain/Palin Lie of the Day

At the rate the McCain camp is producing these nose stretchers, The Peach is considering turning this into a daily column. The latest Republican fibster fabrication to meet debunked status is Palin's claims of overseas travels. According to legitimate sources, Palin has never been to Iraq, but instead only visited a border crossing at the Iraq-Kuwait border. On top of that, her only visit to Ireland was for plane refueling. The Peach suspects the McCain campaign to begin adding travel through any country's air space as constituting "visiting" that country.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail the McCainsters have been reporting false estimates as to the number of people that have shown up at McCain/Palin events. While McCain aides have been reporting local law enforcement claims of enormous crowds, those same law enforcement officials have denied giving the McCain camp any such numbers. In fact, one such event in which McCain officials claimed to attract 23,000 supporters, only attracted 8,000. The Peach isn't sure if the McCain camp was including small animals, wild rodents, insects, etc.


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