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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Do It!
Because The Peach is a child of the auto industry, it has always supplied some deference to their needs. Most of this was based on sympathy for their workers, and the fact that every time management screwed up they would cover it up by blaming the union.

Well, The Peach ain't feelin' too charitable right now. The auto industry is asking the feds for another $25 billion to bail out their failing industry. The Peach has a few words for those on The Hill: Don't Do It! The Big Three has continuously leeched money from taxpayers for years while maintaining their form of mismanagement and poor planning. They were told 20 years ago to change; they were told 10 years ago to change; they were told 5 years ago to change. And it's still the same thing.

The Big Three has to stop making cars and trucks for those who think big vehicles will somehow cure erectile dysfunction (or penis envy). People want smart cars, not high-speed, gas guzzling, military armored tanks.

Just say NO!